Realty Vision

Posted by Realty Vision on 11/17/2016

landscape of floral gardening with pathway and bridge in gardenDeer and other pests are hungry and your gardens, whether they be rooftop or 5 acre gardens, they may host just the right menu items. If you compare your plantings to this basic list of critter resistant plants, you may find a few that are helping your garden grow and keeping the critters away or baiting them in. If you opt to plant some of these known defenders, you will have a lovely garden scent, a whimsical flare, and less pests. Proven fact per many local professional gardeners. Catmint Plants come in white, pink and purple. They make a great addition to a full sun garden and can even withstand partial shade. If you prune these flowers, they will continuously bloom, making them a permanent pest blocker. Fox Glove is considered one of the most poisonous garden plants and yes, critter resistant. Because of its height, you may want this plant to be positioned as a backdrop in your garden or use as a privacy wall on your porch or balcony. Fox Glove will deter small critters but you may want to reconsider this poisonous plant if you have small children. Ornamental Salvia Plants are also a critter resistant plant because of their odor. Deer and small animals find the sweet, herb like flower to be “smelly” and they walk right by. Similar to a Lavender plant, the smell is not desirable to the hungry pests. Be careful of the ever popular Salvia, which the some critters love, Hosta. Even though it is easy, looks pretty and fills almost any hole, it is a favorite item for those hungry critters. A simple plant to place in the garden is Ornamental Grass. Again, pest resistant with height and variation on its side, this is a good choice and a barrier to either the wood line where the wildlife would approach, or the edge of your patio or balcony where small scavengers have access. A combination of Catamint, Salvia, Ornamental Grass, Fox glove, and Lavender in a full sun or partial shade garden, will deter most critters, enhance your gardens, attract butterflies, and smell fantastic all at the same time.