Realty Vision

Posted by Realty Vision on 3/3/2016

uxury house with porch.The biggest decision youíll ever make about your pool is the safety barrier you place around it. You have a lot to protect; your children, your pets, your neighbors and your privacy. The barrier is needed and often required by law, but it has to look good and work well with your home, gardens, and pets. A wooden fence will probably give you the most privacy for your new pool and back yard retreat. Remember though, do you want to be blocked off from the outside world or do you want some privacy without isolating yourself? You can partner fencing with landscape design and masonry to create the perfect barrier and safety zone for your loved ones. Lattice is a popular fence option as it works well with plants, privacy and style. Lattice creates a very unique barrier in addition to acting as a fence. It also will allow you to block any items that you donít want to see or are not using, such as the pool filter system, the chemicals, floatation devices or extra pool furniture. There are several choices when shopping for fences and entry gates to pool areas. Latches, alarms, and various safety features are also in abundance and a very important decision to make when you are doing your fence research. The number one decision making feature is safety. What works best with your family and your water environment should be the decision making factor. Once the fence is in, have fun and be safe!