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Posted by Realty Vision on 8/31/2017

Rents can rise in cities and jurisdictions that are experiencing growth. It's one of the double edge sword effects of a growing economy. Let a major corporation move a department or division into a city and the need for more housing can increase.

Rent costs lean on growth and healthy economies

When this happens, apartment management companies and individual house renters may start to see dollar signs. Let a housing shortage be created after a company moves into the area and rents could increase by several hundred dollars a month.

Major events like the Olympics, a growing number of conventions being hosted in a city and large international government events being held in a city also see rent costs spike. The events attract so many people to an area that everyone can benefit.

Retailers, apartment management firms, individual house renters and transportation companies can all come out ahead when local economies grow. That's the smooth side of the sword.

On the sharp side of the local economic growth are rents that rise so high that many people can no longer afford to live in expanding neighborhoods, places where these people may have been born and lived for years.

Take action to keep rents from rising

Although you may not be able to keep rents from rising out of your reach, there are steps that you could take to keep rents from pushing you out of neighborhoods that you want to live in. The first step that you could take is to speak with managers at apartment homes where you currently are renting or where you want to rent.

Clearly communicate to apartment managers that you want to remain in the apartment home but that you won't be able to do so if rents continue to spike. If apartment managers that you speak with tell you that they are unable to do anything about the increases, ask to speak with a business leader at the apartment management company that owns the rental space.

You may get better results if you simply ask for the website or contact information of the company that manages the apartments. Negotiate with the business leader to see if he will make concessions for you. If you're a loyal renter, they just might do that.

There's more that you could do to lower rents

Other steps that you could take to lower rents also lean on communication. Some steps only require a bit of creativity and openness to change. Among these steps are:

  • Ask to have a washer and dryer included in the rent
  • Go for a one bedroom with a den instead of a two bedroom apartment
  • See if you can get utilities like water, sewage and trash at a reduced rate
  • Lower your water consumption
  • Get a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer included in the rent
  • Have a portion of your utilities included in your rent

Just because rental prices rise doesn't mean that you don't have options. If you stay open to speaking with apartment managers, you could negotiate a lower rental price. Being a good tenant, someone who pays her rent on time, helps.

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Posted by Realty Vision on 5/11/2017

Everyone knows it's a bad idea to go grocery shopping when you're hungry, but we all do it occasionally!

Going to the supermarket on an empty stomach not only causes you to spend more, but it weakens your resolve to avoid foods with empty calories and unhealthy ingredients. When hunger pangs undermine your self discipline, you may also be more likely to buy a jumbo bag of potato chips, pick up a block of cheese and some crackers along the way, and maybe order a pound of Genoa salami while at the deli counter.

Then, of course, there are all those chocolatey temptations at the checkout counter -- peanut butter cups, for example! Maybe you're stronger willed than that, but I know plenty of people who are not!

Although I haven't read any scientific studies on the topic, I'd make an educated guess that when you go grocery shopping hungry, there's a tendency to buy more food than you ordinarily would -- probably to compensate for your hunger. So perhaps having a healthy snack first or going grocery shopping after breakfast or lunch would be a good strategy for avoiding the pitfalls of food shopping on an empty stomach.

Here are a few more ideas for saving money and limiting junk food purchases:

  • Create a grocery list and stick to it! That's often easier said than done, but it can make a big difference in the quantity and quality of food you buy. Impulse purchases may provide immediate gratification, but they can wreak havoc on your waistline and your budget.
  • Avoid bringing your children grocery shopping, whenever possible. When childcare is not available, there's no way around it. However, with kids in tow, expect to be buying "a few" additional items that you hadn't planned on. Try as we might to resist the requests, suggestions, and demands our kids make at the grocery store, it's not unusual for a parent's resolve to weaken -- especially if they happen to be tired or stressed out. A lot depends on the age of your children, how persistent they are, and whether they're hungry when you're out food shopping. Many factors come into play!
  • Using coupons and taking advantage of discounts, special promotions, and two-for-one sales can noticeably reduce your grocery bill and, consequently, leave more money in your wallet. It may require that you pore over weekly newspaper inserts, clip coupons, and keep them organized, but getting in that habit can help reduce the strain on your household budget. It also pays to shop at supermarkets that offer double coupons. They're often the ones that are the most competitive and willing to help you stretch your dollar.

So if you've been noticing more junk food appearing in your kitchen cabinets, and your grocery bill seems to be taking on a life of its own, consider some of these economical ideas to help reign things in.

Posted by Realty Vision on 5/7/2015

Retirement can be expensive. Transitioning from a steady income to living on a fixed one can be difficult. If you are nearing or currently in retirement there are some ways to stay within budget and reduce your spending. †Here are some†tips to help reduce your retirement expenses: Have a Budget The most important and crucial first step is to create and stay within a budget. Over the course of a few months track and review all of your spending habits. Track things like food, housing, utilities, entertainment, etc. and create categories of spending. Analyze how you are spending money and if needed make adjustments to stay within budget. Manage Your Costs If you need to reduce your spending there are some easy ways to accomplish that. Try using coupons, shopping for store brands and even buying in bulk. If you have too much of a bulk item try splitting with a friend. Look for free entertainment in your area †at the local library or senior center. Take advantage of shopping senior discounts. Many stores have certain days or hours when seniors receive a special shopping discount. It may also be possible to lower household costs such as electricity, and water by†negotiating with your utility company. They may even offer a senior citizens or income discount. Talk to family members about†family cell phone plan to help reduce costs too. Manage Your Medication Health care costs are a big concern for seniors. †Talk with your health care provider about any generic medications available. Generic medications are often much less expensive. Don't be afraid to shop around, prescription and medicine prices are not the same at every store. Most of all continuously review your budget and spending to make sure you are staying on track.

Posted by Realty Vision on 7/31/2014

Everyone knows about coupons for everyday products we buy but did you know there are ways to save at places like the home improvement store, clothing stores and restaurants? Beyond the sales and promotions that these places have from time to time, there are websites that have extra savings waiting for you! Many of the couponing websites have daily or weekly emails you can subscribe to that have links of the best deals on the web. From coupons to restaurants, to online offers at places like Shutterfly, there is always something waiting for you to save on. Two great emails with valueable resourses are the ones from and Check them out! There are variety of websites out there that can help you save on the web. has any item you can imagine for some great prices; has everything from clothing to jewelry to home furnishings, all at insane prices; and has coupon codes you can use for online shopping to save just like you had a coupon in store. One of the best ways to get emails full of savings is to sign up with your favorite store's website. You will not only be notified with the lastest sale, but you will get exclusive coupon savings. Even some places, like Target, have weekly texts with coupions you can use on a variety of items, as well as coupons you can print from their website. Finally, using your reward points from those credits cards can help cut down on costs as well. Since most awards you get get with your points take tens of thousands of points, why not redeem your points for a giftcard instead? They usually start out at 2,000 points and cane help you cut the cost of that new sweater or Saturday night date night. Paying full price on purchases is not a necessity. No matter that your favorite store is, or how you like to shop, with all the options out there to save, what are you waiting for?!

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